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To my amazing clients at Waxing Girl Studio

For the past three months I have been looking for a new location for the studio. This task has proven to be a bit more challenging then I had anticipated and as of yet I have not found a location that works for my budget and needs.

This coupled with some family changes that I need to make, On August 25th Waxing Girl will take a Hiatus.

I sincerely apologize for the down time as I truly love seeing each of you regularly.
I will continue to keep and continue to book all the way up until August 25th, so please consider booking in advance, and if you can’t get in I will happy to place you on a waiting list

My thanks in Advance to each of you for being so kind and understanding.


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Waxing Girl Studio™ was created as a waxing only business where our clients could go to remove unwanted body hair in the fastest, most efficient wax method possible. We put  hygiene and cleanliness above all else. Waxing Girl Studio offers a clean and welcoming environment where you can feel your best. We specialize in the brazilian wax. If you are a first time waxer, fear not, you will be well cared for, your questions will be answered and your service will be tailored perfectly for you. We work with people of all shapes and sizes so please feel confident in knowing we do this all the time and because waxing is all we do and we are pretty darn good at it.
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