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Waxing tips

  • Post your waxing service your follicles remain open and when you apply heavy creams, oils and powders they just deposit themselves in those spaces and create clogged pores and ingrown hairs. Let the skin breath and behave as if everything is normal. (don’t baby the area). Post your waxing service with us we will give you a warm towel to clean off any waxing residue and to make sure that you don’t feel sticky.
  • Don’t exfoliate immediately after a wax, wait at least 24 hours.
  • We recommend NOT going into hot tubs, pools, lakes and such about 12 to 24 hours post service. (Again due to open pores that you’ll want to remain clean)
  • If you sweat either because you are a hot person or because you plan on exercising please make sure you rinse off with cool water after, to clean the pores from the salt that sweat produces.
  • Try and wear looser clothing for a day. Tight clothes and panties might chafe the skin and may cause it to rash out.  If you can go panty free, do it (good excuse to go ‘commando’).


  • Some skin types are just more susceptible than others. If you get an ingrown hair we have a product we can recommend that will help alleviate them, it includes a salicylic acid that will help remove the unwanted skin cells off the skin. Some at home ideas to prevent them are to treat the area with acne spot treatment medicine. Exfoliate the area. Don’t alternate shaving and waxing, this will cause ingrown hairs, If you shave use a clean blade EVERY time, OR better yet, change to waxing and stop shaving all together.
  • If it becomes infected and grows to a pustule, clean the area, apply acne treatment and let it heal. If you pop it, (naughty,naughty) clean the area well then apply acne treatment and wash your hands so you don’t spread the germs around


  • On occasion and from time to time post waxing bumps can appear.  Exfoliate the area lightly, and treat it with an acne spot treatment. Having a break out post service does NOT mean you are allergic so don’t over react this usually clears up right away and in most cases doesn’t happen a second time. Sometimes the skin just behaves badly on first time wax or post service because it doesn’t know what to do when so many hairs are taken out at the same time.

Waxing Tips

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