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Our online booking is fast and easy, choose one service, or add another service. Use your computer, tablet or mobile device.
Online booking- Please READ it, answers a lot of questions I get frequently

Consider booking ahead: last minute appointments are sometimes hard to accommodate.
Evenings and weekends fill in the fastest; please consider booking at least two weeks in advance for a night or weekend appointment.
vagarobookingWhen booking online- you will be asked to set up access through our booking website VAGARO by providing your name, phone number and email address and a password.
You can book using BOTH the service and the 24/7 tabs, each provide the same booking capabilities.
Once On Vagaro you will be asked to pick a service and Pamela as your provider: the calendar that pops up below will show the days we are OPEN
If you get a message that states the “day” is not available:  it means that the day is booked in. You will be prompted to pick another day.
You are welcome to text me at 262-402-8654 and I can put you on a cancellation list for a day you need to get in on, many times I do have cancellation and would be happy to text you to see if that time works for you.
Once your waxing appointment is booked, a confirmation is sent 12 hours in advance of the appointment, and one hour before our appointment, if you would please confirm the appointment at that time I would be grateful.
If you already have booked online but have forgotten your password there is a password reset and an email will be sent to you with a new password.

Cancellation policy

Respectfully I do request that you give at least 6 hours notice prior to cancelling your appointment so I can fill the time with other clients.
PLEASE DO NOT no show the appointment, I am a solo entrepreneur and it effects me A lot when I get stood up 🙁
I do understand sometime things happen, but the more notice I can get the easier it is to re-book the time.
If you do no show the appointment more then once, your next service will need to carry a deposit, prior to booking that will be non refundable if you can not make it. Thank so much for understanding. 🙂

You can always call/text  262-402-8654 to set up your appointment as well; If I  am with guests I will call or text you back if you leave a message.  You are VERY important to me and do appreciate your business.

We accept ALL credit cards at Waxing Girl .

We accept these credit cards at Waxing Girl

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