The eye (brows) have it


Look at you,

Brows are such beautiful part of a person’s face. They define the eyes, and distinguish the beauty of their soul.  If the eyes are the windows to the sole, then the brows are the curtains that adorn them. Think about it. Look at Walter Cronkite’s brows, Burt Reynolds, Audrey Hepburn or Kira Knightley’s brows these famous figures are KNOWN for having distinguishing brows.

Brows don’t have to be perfect; in fact they should be uniquely YOU. Brows are meant to be “sisters” and not “twins” so matching one brow to the other should never be your goal.  When we at Waxing girl look at your brows here is what we are thinking.

What does the client want?  What is the shape of the face?, what are the shape of the eyes?, how big/small is the nose?, and are there any defining features on the face that impede with the brows? (like scars or moles or freckles). Factoring all these together and giving you all our creative talent, allows for us to give you the perfect shaped brows. That could be as simple as just trimming them, or as dramatic as fully reshaping or tinting them.

Anyway you cut it Brows are amazing and they should be uniquely yours.