We’ve heard it all and trust me – you guys are very different then us Women and at Waxing Girl we know this.  We will treat you like a Man, you will leave feeling like a Man, and we will take care of you really well.
Don’t be scared, come experience what your, wife/girlfriend/lady friends or Partner experiences once a month to make you (and of course ourselves) happy. Spread the love and show your partner just how much you love them.

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  • Men’s Chest Wax- removing all hair from the chest and into the abdomen if needed   $45.00
  • Men’s Back Wax- upper and lower back hair removed $45.00
  • Men’s ½ Leg Wax – for the swimmer, runners or avid athlete, removing leg hair can add minutes to your triathlon ( Iron man here we come)  35.00
  • Men’s Brow Trim and Shaping – Guys, do us women a solid and clean up the uni brow. I promise it will make you more popular with us ladies and I promise, you will leave you looking like the handsome guy you came in as. $15.00
  • Men’s Ear hair waxing – you know you have it, now let’s do something about it, waxing will last longer than trimming it. $15.00
  • Men’s Nose hair waxing- if you are trimming the hair in your nose every day, come wax it off it lasts longer and you will breath better. 20.00
  • Neck Line- If you are the ultimate professional and want to wear and clean cut every day, have your neck line waxed so you don’t have to worry about shaving the hair line every day.  $15.00.

Waxing Pricing  2016

Men's Waxing Services ,Look and Feel Your Best