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Plan Now for trips later

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Ahh Vacation

If you are planning on having any waxing services done before your big event or prior to vacation travel, it is important to think ahead. The goal of most waxing services is to have the smoothest skin for the longest duration of time.  If you are not a regular waxing client, achieving this goal will take at least three waxing services. Why?

You need to know that your first wax is not always the best wax.

This is because of two things;

One, hair grows in three different stages and is always in either a growth stage a dormant stage or an ending or falling out stage.  First time waxing will get most hairs, but often times there are smaller hairs ready to emerge that will come through just days after your first wax.  It is during your second and third wax that those stages often times sync together and those smaller hairs become extremely few and far between..

Second, the first wax post shaving is often removing hair that is deeply rooted and often time very stubborn hair. Once it is waxed, it will grow back inferior and weaker which makes it easier to get all the hairs on your second and subsequent waxing services.

Skin also needs to learn how to behave well. If you wait to schedule your first time wax till just days before your event or travel, sometimes the anxiety of having the service along with the shock the skin goes through when lots of hair is removed at one time, can also stress the skin into a break out , yet another reason not to have your first wax just before an important event or travel.

As you become a regular waxing client hair becomes finer, thinner and easier to pull out and services become less painful with the results lasting much longer.

So if the goal is to have the smoothest skin for the longest duration of time consider booking  at least four months prior to your event or travel, this way you can get three or more services in and your best wax will be the one just before your important event or vacation.

Waxing is an amazing and liberating service, worth every ounce of effort. If you choose to wax, we here at Waxing Girl Studio hope you will consider us, because it is all we do we are darn good at it and proud of that.