Spinning the small Business Web

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shopsmallAs a small business owner it takes a lot of thought to be in touch with how everyone connects these days

One way that has been such a help is by focusing on likeminded small business that might have similar demographics for clients and connecting with them.  Our website Waxinggirl.com has a page that shows the business we like: on that page we have connected with other small local business that service the same demographics.  WE then link our page to their page creating a web. It is through this connection or web that we hope to allow each of our set of customers to find each other’s home spun smaller business. It is our way of making a bigger voice among the so many choices of business out there.

There is so much to know and it is a constant learning process to stay connected through Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin,Pinterest, Snap chat, Groupon, Living social, Google, Yelp, Instagram etc etc etc.  Not all these avenues will prove worthy and knowing your demographic is key. However nothing can replace the connection that is made by actually meeting other small business owners who are growing and evolving just like us and helping each other along that path.

When we at Waxing Girl recommend a business that we love: we are in a sense letting our clients know we have trust in this company, we like the way they do business, and we are confident you will too… give them a try. As our connections to other small business grow we cast a wider web and it makes it easier for new customers who search the web looking for a new experience to find us because though our linked pages our names are spread out to far more people then it would if we didn’t have these connections.

This Nov 29th 2014 is Small Business Saturday. IT is our day to shine and to show the big box and chain stores who we are. IT is our day to reach out to guest and customers like you and show you just how hard we are working to earn your business.  It’s very hard work getting a small home spun self started , grass root business to take flight, Please join us Nov 29th by supporting Small Business but especially join me in applauding and rewarding the small business we have liked by sending them business, by “liking” their Facebook page, by following them on twitter, or buying their Groupon.

We RecommendWe all want to success and it is because of you our new/returning customer that we will.