Which wax is best? Hard or Soft?

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Waxing GirlOften, clients come in and request a certain type of wax. Most the time this is because they have had an experience with one type of wax that has solidified in their mind which is the better of the two, hard or soft.  Here is a brief explanation of the different types of waxes and when we would choose to use them.

Soft Wax is often used for speed waxing and is perfect for all skin types and comes in a huge variety of needs from sensitive wax to stronger waxes for course hair. Soft Wax requires a strip to be removed and is often referred to as strip wax. When used by a skilled esthetician, the correct soft wax provides superior ability to pull and is flexible to be used in all areas, cracks and crevices.  Soft wax is the goto wax to move through a service quickly as it can be applied to large areas and removed in large patches.

Hard wax is often used for smaller waxing areas (however can be used for large ones as well) and also comes in a huge variety of needs from sensitive to stronger. Hard wax hardens around the hair follicle and is removed off the skin in a “picking” motion.  Some techniques for hard wax can also use a stick to remove the wax. When using hard wax your service will take a bit longer since the wax needs time to harden, before it is removed.  When used by a skilled esthetician hard wax is perfect for smaller sections and areas.

So which is the right wax for you??? Great question, your waxing expert will look at your skin, and determine how coarse the hair is, how thick or thin the skin is, how well hydrated or dehydrated the skin is, and will make an educated choice based on her best professional opinion.

Trust your esthetician to make the perfect choice for you, she has years of experience and knowledge of many different kinds of waxes as well as the perfection of working with her wax, that makes her the expert in her field.