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Post Care Instructions

Thank you So much for allowing me to take care of your waxing needs!

We love having you as our client!

After your wax:

Please remember that redness and post wax bumps are a result of follicles being open and inflamed. They will relax on their own, this can take anywhere from 1 to 48 hours. 

Feel free to shower as normal post service.

Please do not treat just waxed skin with heavy lotions, powders or scented items, as they can irritate the skin and cause a 

break out.

Please steer clear of hot tubs, pools, lakes and waters that could have bacteria in them for 12 hours post waxing.

If you plan on exercising within a few hours of a waxing,please recognize that the salt from sweat can irritate the skin and cause a break out. Best way to avoid this is to wait for the redness post waxing to go away before your work out.  If you can’t, wait please make sure to shower and clean the skin just after your workout.

If you do get a break out, most likely it will come in the form of small white bumps. Lightly exfoliate the area and treat with Get the Bump out or Finipil 

post wax treatment. This will keep the skin clean and reduce the breakout quickly. A break out doesn’t mean your allergic. Usually it is as a result of the skin freaking out that so much hair was taken away at once. It is not an indication that a break out will happen upon each wax.

Aside from these tips, your next wax should be in about 4 to 5 weeks.

Your hair will not grow back as thick in the bikini area, so your following wax is usually MUCH easier, LESS pain full and you will have smoothness longer when you wax on a regular schedule.

Last tip: don’t alternate waxing and shaving. It re-roots the hair and makes your wax more painful and you’re more likely to have small hairs remaining… yuck

We love having you as a client

Consider prebooking your next appoint within 

4-5 weeks to maintain smooth skin